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K. M. -- 5/5 STARS -- Written Review:
"One of the only massage therapists online with all 5 star reviews.  After a session with him you'll understand exactly why.  His intuitive style is refreshingly unique and more effective than anything I've ever experienced.  His exceptional strength, range of skill sets and breadth of knowledge -- not just about "the body," but my body -- was really remarkable.  From the moment he laid his hands on me, I felt a sense of complete confidence sweep over me that filled me with a reassurance that I had placed my body in great hands."         
J. S. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Wow!  That was the best massage I've ever had.  I've been a member at a massage chain for over two years now and seen a lot of different therapists in various locations but this topped them all.  This massage was a gentle yet deep massage.  The whole experience; the ambiance, attention to detail, the connecting breath, mind and body, was beautiful.  Scott is a gifted therapist with so many skill sets to draw from as he is working with you for optimal release of tension stored in the body and overall relaxation and healing.  He is very professional and genuinely caring.  He was able to transform the way my body feels, releasing tension in old injuries like I've never had happen before.  Even a day afterward I am feeling relaxed and loose in those areas that once held long term tension.  I look forward to more sessions."
L. K. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Scott is an amazing massage therapist who knows how to make people feel comfortable and is very precise, knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to working with the body.  I loved the hot towels and the visualizations that Scott suggested during the massage and I felt so tenderized and free in my back and neck after the session.  He's created such a tranquil atmosphere at the Raintree retreat - from the meditation books on the shelves, to the inspirational scenery and artwork on the walls, to the pristine garden with blossoming trees, wind chimes, and the sound of running water.  He gets all the little details right in crafting an environment that makes one feel at ease, completely refreshed and renewed.  I look forward to getting another world class massage from Scott!"

B. B. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Scott does an outstanding job.  He has the physical skills, knowledge base, and customer orientation to take massage to the next level.  Specifically, he takes time to understand my issues and needs prior to and after the massage, and then works with me to achieve my goals.  He gives his whole mental and physical focus for the duration of the session and employs a variety of techniques that are rarely used elsewhere.  I feel both mentally and physically rejuvenated after a session.  In the past 6 months, he has helped me work through significant back pain as well as rehab from a knee procedure.  Since starting a regular massage schedule, he has helped me understand how to work with him to both treat and prevent injury.  Highly recommended."
S. C. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
I have tried several Massage Therapists through the years, with average results. I was lucky enough to find Scott through the place where I work. I haven't gone to anyone else ever since. Unlike other Massage Therapists, Scott is an expert in his art. He knows how the body works and applies his experience and knowledge to customize the best massage for each of his clients. He lives what he preaches and silently inspires to make positive changes in my life regarding health.  My lower back pain is gone since I started attending to massage sessions with Scott three years ago. Highly recommend. 

L. F. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"I've been receiving massages from Scott for several years and he does an amazing job. He has an uncanny sense of touch that allows his fingers to find and zero-in on pulled and/or sore muscles in my back without me even telling him about them, let alone where they are located. Scott is also a very friendly guy and very knowledgeable about good health habits. Highly recommended."

R. C. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Scott is a talented therapist who takes the time to connect the body-mind experience.... It's always a journey to ultimate healing specific to your body's needs. He is one of the most knowledgeable therapists I know and as a fellow LMT, I respect that he is always learning and evolving his practice. Beautiful retreat with very nice amenities! A lot of thought goes into everything Scott does... How he does one thing, is how he does everything! I highly recommend Scott and his services. He is definitely worth checking out and you'll be happy you did :-)"

S. H. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Excellent small retreat location in Sandy.  I have been going to this spa for years and the owner is talented and passionate about his work.  If you have injuries and stress... book an appointment here!  He takes the time to assess what your body needs and how he can best help.  I highly recommend visiting this location."
S. S. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Scott is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. I had a massage after 2 days' skiing and it exceeded my expectation. He took time to talk about my massage history and access my muscle tensions. The massage helped relieve all the stress I had and I felt great afterwards. I wish he lives in SF! I'm sure I will be back in the future."

S. C. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"Scott is truly an amazing massage therapist. He applies his knowledge of the body to enhance the benefits of the session. He asks the proper questions to understand how I'm feeling and customizes his techniques to help me improve my health. He is caring, respectful, and focuses on helping clients. I highly recommend him."

R. B. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"I have been a client of Scott's for almost two years now.  He is extremely professional and skilled, and he takes a deep and holistic approach to improving my well-being.  He has spent the time to get to know me personally, and I feel very comfortable and safe, both with him as a person and with his techniques as a massage therapist.  Scott is also extremely intelligent and well-read, and he is well-connected to this local community.  So, whether you're from the area or just visiting Salt Lake, I would highly recommend Scott for both short-term and long-term help."

C. F. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
Scott is a great guy and a fantastic therapist. He developed a unique shoulder massage that does wonders for carpal tunnel. Highly recommended!

D. H. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
Not only is Scott an excellent massage therapist, but he is also very knowledgeable about techniques for improving posture and preventing back pain.

J. L. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
Scott has become a friend to Lingotek by taking his relationship to the next level as a service provider. He is not only competent in his skill sets, but has added tremendous value through his sharing of knowledge in helping so many of our employees think about how they are managing their health and well being. We all look forward to Scott's visits, his sincere interest in each of us, and his devotion to a better balance in life. I highly recommend Scott's services as well as his friendship!

C. S. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
Scott is an excellent massage therapist. I have had several lower back issues that Scott through massage therapy has been able to alleviate. I would recommending using Scott if you get the chance.

J. P. -- 5/5 STARS -- LinkedIn Review:
Great at loosening up my tight back. Has helped me with my workspace so that I can stand part of the time, which makes a big difference. Recommended!

R. V. -- 5/5 STARS  -- LinkedIn Review:
Scott Morrison has been working out the kinks for all of us at Lingotek for years. He's professional, consistent, and provides a great service. We've really enjoyed and looked forward to Massage Wednesday at our company for years. Great guy!
T. H. -- 5/5 STARS  -- Written Review:
“The deep pressure feels great! I like the work you did on my back & shoulder area the first day and you really got the knots out. You also did great work on my lower back area. It really helped that you included the glut area because I think that is contributing to the pain in my lower back.  The massages were wonderful!  Also, the hot towels helped. I definitely needed the 2-hours! I also like how you keep working on an area until the knots come out.”
S. H. -- 5/5 STARS  -- Written Review: 
"Scott is not only an excellent massage therapist, he is a health consultant.  He assesses all the needs of his clients (mental/physical/emotional) and creates specific massage experiences to fit those needs. Thank you Scott!"

D. G. -- 5/5 STARS  -- Written Review:
“The Therapist was pretty intuitive about how deep to go.  I didn't have to ‘coach’ at all.  I haven’t relaxed this much in a while."

H. H.  -- 5/5 STARS  -- Written Review:
“It was wonderful! One hour was not enough. Head to toe was great. Looking forward to see the results after the abdominal massages over the next month. In much need of work on my neck - already feel improvement after the two massages thus far - Thanks Scott! You’re great!” 
B. H. -- 5/5 STARS  -- Written Review: 
“I feel great today - I appreciate the time you spend - you didn't seem to be in a hurry - Thank you!” 
E. G. -- 5/5 STARS -- Written Review:
“Amazing massage!!  Felt completely comfortable with Scott. He did a great job of allowing me to feel safe and relaxed in the comfort of my own hotel room.  2 hours was a perfect amount of time to relieve my stress from work, but I think 3 hours would have been even better! Would definitely recommend to friends or any other business woman staying here for the week!”
J. D.  -- 5/5 STARS -- Written Review:
“I am very pleased with the time and focus you spent on each and every area on my body. I am more than satisfied with everything you did!   I will be back as soon as I can get up here and will be more than happy to recommend everyone I know!  Thank you very much for the best massage I've ever had!”  
D. L.  -- 5/5 STARS -- Written Review:
"I felt comfortable, safe and secure.  I feel marked improvement on entire body.  Thank you." 
C. M.  -- 5/5 STARS -- Written Review:
“Excellent massage! Good pressure; thorough; discreet and professional; good interview beforehand to determine needs for optimizing health benefits and to determine patient goals.  Head/scalp could have been firmer rather than the ruffling—still felt good, but felt tentative—Thank you for giving your best!” 
A. B. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"I loved the massage, the place and Scott. He is great and tailors the massage to your needs. Fantastic after a couple of days at the slopes"
D. B. -- 5/5 STARS -- Yelp Review:
"My husband and I went with Scott after two days at the slopes, and it was a terrific massage! Thank you, Scott!"
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