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At Amazing Bodyworks I offer traditional massage and manual therapy services that are designed to reduce stress, relieve pain and help your body's soft-tissue injuries heal holistically.  The stress-relieving services I provide at Amazing Bodyworks are advanced applications of therapeutic treatments that were designed by doctors determined to provide their patients with non-invasive treatment alternatives to simply prescribing pills or invasive surgical procedures to treat their stress-induced symptoms, or "tissue-issues."

From troublesome trigger points -- palpable pressure points that are tender to the touch, to restricted range of motion in a muscle group, to inflammation in joints, to rehabilitating injuries received in automobile accidents or athletic activities -- these are just a few examples of "tissue-issues" that are treatable with one of my bodywork services.  Bodywork services range from traditional Swedish Massage for general, full-body stress relief; to site-specific Tissue-Issue Transformation Treatments and Intensive Injury Intervention sessions; to Deep Tissue Sessions that skillfully make your muscles and surrounding stressed-out soft tissues "hurt so good" as I strategically work to dissolve "densities" that have developed within your soft-tissue structures.

My unique understanding of how healing happens in the body is what consistently motivates my clients to characterize the services they receive as "amazing" and regularly write 5-star reviews.     

It is my combined credentials as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and an Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner (AMP) to take mainstream massage to the "next-level" by providing therapeutic treatments that will truly transform your "tissue-issues" and consequently change the way you feel & function.

My signature massage services are designed to move beyond the superficial-stress-relief services offered at the average day spa, by focusing on delivering deeper benefits within your body -- to release stuck stress, to relieve persistent pain and to rehabilitate incapacitating injuries.  

Each service is intuitively adapted to your unique needs in order to optimize the outcome of your session. My spa massages are intended to fundamentally change the way you feel and function.  
"The benefits I receive from a massage session with Scott last more than a month;
whereas everywhere else I go the effects wear off after only two or three days.  
What he does exactly is difficult to describe... just know while he's doing it and for about a month after --
whatever he did, it worked!"
-- A changed client
Every body is different -- we all react and adapt to life's stresses uniquely.  Since that is true -- does it make any sense to simply sell prefabricated protocols to people -- to apply the same sequence of strokes on every body equally?  Yet that is exactly what most mainstream massage businesses do.  And that is why most people don't get the results they were hoping for from traditional massage therapists.  
At Amazing Bodyworks, I am constantly pushing "the envelop" in an ever-evolving commitment to fit the bodywork to you, rather than trying to fit you to a standardized system of bodywork (e.g. a standard Swedish massage).   These specialized services are customized for each client.  Services can also be combined to enable your body to achieve the depth and duration of relaxation necessary to help healing happen.  
Only the body possesses the power to heal itself:
stress is responsible for inhibiting it --
relaxation is responsible for inducing it.
Whether your goal is to reduce general stress, relieve persistent pain or rehabilitate site-specific injuries -- my amazing bodywork services will take your body to the "next-level" -- where healing happens holistically -- where mind, body and spirit work together to make you whole again.   
I use my combined credentials as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and an Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner (AMP, for short) to take the traditional massage experience to the "next-level" -- by incorporating the following:
  • Advanced skill sets -- such as "intuitive adaptability," wherein techniques are intuitively adapted to your tissues' specific issues and pain tolerance threshold
  • Modern technologies -- such as motorized vibration pads and percussion tools that gently shake the tension out of your stressed-out muscles
  • Spa techniques -- such as layered hot towels & spot-specific cool tools to increase circulation and inhibit inflammation -- thereby reactivating stalled healing processes and accelerating recovery

If you are like most people, reading reviews from other people gives you more confidence in choosing a service provider than about anything else -- click  "Reviews" to read what my clients have said about their experiences with my services.

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